For maximum axle loads for your vehicle, please refer to your VIN plate. It is usually the third and fourth numbers for front and rear axle loads.

For drivers wanting more than just ride height adjustment comes the ST XA coilover. Developed alongside KW Automotive the ST XA allows individual adjustment of the damping to suit just about all your driving needs!

Perfect for sporty driving
ST XA coilovers feature KW damping technology which allows the suspension to be made either stiffer or softer depending on the driving conditions. This damping adjustment is made on the upper end of the chromed piston rod allowing the setup to be changed almost instantly. If the rebound force is increased, the car will drive with even more track stability and further reduced bodyroll. If the rebound force is decreased, the car will feel more comfortable when on the move. Any vehicle fitted with ST XA coilovers will act much more agile and sporty compared to standard.

Easy lowering adjustment
Like all ST coilovers the lowering adjustment is made via a continuous thread on the galvanized strut. This even allows the lowering to be made even when the kit is installed by turning the spring plate higher or lower! NOTE: The lowering of each vehicle differs greatly with ST XA coilovers due to the type of construction. For example, older vehicles such as the Honda Civic (EJ9) can be lowered between 40-75mm with ST XA coilovers, while newer models such as the Audi S3 (8P) can be lowered between 10-40mm due to being much lower from the factory.

KW Engineering: Exclusive for ST suspension
The high-quality ST XA coilover is based on the twin-tube damping principle of low friction combined with pressure-resistant damper housings. Manufactured directly at KW, a mono block guide and seal package reduces the friction of the damper as well as protecting it against corrosion and dirt. Each galvanized strut is sealed multiple times to ensure maximum longevity in ALL weather conditions.

  • External damper adjustment
  • Latest damping technology for maximum longevity
  • Reduced system friction for effective damping adjustment
  • Individual lowering within the tested adjustment range
  • Front and rear axle (when possible) with thread adjustment
  • Galvanized coilover struts with additional coating for an optimized corrosion protection
  • Complete solution with adjustable spring plate, race spring system and bumpers with dust protection


Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 55 mm on the front axle. Vehicles with a two-part leaf spring on the rear axle have to be equipped with a one-piece leaf spring. (up to mod.2015; VW part no. for leaf spring spring 2K5511151N; from mod.2015-; VW part no. for leaf spring spring 2K5511151AA) Lowering Front: 50-90mmLowering Rear: 60-80mm

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For maximum axle loads for your vehicle, please refer to your VIN plate. It is usually the third and fourth numbers for front and rear axle loads. For drivers wanting...
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Technical Info

Spring Rate Front N/A
Spring Rate Rear N/A
Top Mount Front N/A
Top Mount Rear N/A
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