If you’re in the market for a set of coilovers then you’d be forgiven for being overwhelmed with how many brands and options, there are on the market. New to the coilover game? It might be worth checking out our buying guide to help you understand what a coilover is and how they work. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the various coilover brands that are out there.



Looking for something for heavy track or competitive track use with a whole load of adjustability, AST & Moton suspension are one of the most renowned premium coilover brands on the market.

Specialising in performance vehicles, their coilovers are built using only the best possible materials for increased performance and low friction attributes. For those looking to improve the balance of the car and control ride height, we recommend checking out the AST 2000 series. These are developed for non-track users that enjoy spirited driving on the roads. These coilovers are equipped with fixed damping rates and springs and provide a drop of 30-65mm.

If you’re after a combination of track and everyday use, then check out the AST 5100 series. These coilovers are 1-way adjustable, with the 12 positions giving clear feedback with each adjustment and offering a different driving experience depending on whether you’re at the track or on the road.

If you’re after a combination of track and everyday use, then check out the AST 5100 series. These coilovers are 1-way adjustable, with the 12 positions giving clear feedback with each adjustment and offering a different driving experience depending on whether you’re at the track or on the road.

Warranty: 2-year manufacturer


Often one of the go-to brands for tuners when it comes to coilovers, it’s fair to say that BC have got something in their range for everyone and everything.

Their most affordable entry level coilover is the BR Series – featuring pillow ball upper mounts and camber adjustable top mounts. This is the coilover of choice for those looking to lower their vehicle without sacrificing performance, comfort or build quality.

If you want a coilover that offers more adjustability, then check out the ER Series which feature external reservoirs. The ER Series feature separate compression and rebound damping adjustment rates. The external reservoir allows these coilovers to benefit from increased oil capacity. The additional oil capacity reduces peak oil temperatures which decreases variations in damping rates due oil viscosity changes. The reduction in damping rate variations improves handling and ultimate on road and track performance.

If you’re after a track only orientated coilover then how about BC Racing’s flagship coilover - the ZR Series, which are 3-way adjustable. These coilovers offer independent low and high-speed compression adjustment and separate rebound adjustment.

Warranty: 12 months


When it comes to coilovers, one name pops up straight away and that’s Bilstein. They have a huge range of coilovers for a vast array of cars, from your road going Fiesta ST right the way up to your Porsche 997 GT2 RS. One of the longest established brands in the coilover world, Bilstein was founded in 1954 and has revolutionized damping technology and has always been recognized for its top quality and high performance.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit which offers the perfect start to lower your car and get that sporty driveability. The B12 Pro-Kit allows vehicles to be lowered by up to 40mm. They consist of tailor-made B6/B8 high-performance shock absorbers that are perfectly matched with Eibach springs for an optimal ride.

One of the most common coilovers found on vehicles, the Bilstein B16 allows for various settings for driving experience and comfort. B16’s couldn’t be any easier to adjust, simply twist the dial located at the bottom of the coilover to adjust the rebound and compression and find the setting that works best for you.

If you’re after a coilover with even more adjustability that will combine the perfect balance for road and track than check out the Bilstein Clubsport. Fast turns and extreme situations won’t challenge the chassis anymore, as these specific coilovers have been tested and developed on the Nurburgring. They feature Bilstein’s monotube technology and are TUV approved too! The 2-way adjustment system allows the separate configuration of rebound and compression.

Warranty: 90 day to 2-year limited warranty (depending on application)


Eibach are one of the most well-established names in the suspension industry. Founded in Germany, way back in 1951, the engineers at Eibach set out to achieve the best possible harmony between driver, vehicle and the road.

If you’re looking for a height only adjustable coilover then check out the Pro-Street-S range which offer height adjustment from 20 to 70mm. Pro-Street-S shock absorbers are also manufactured from stainless steel, meaning that not only will you benefit from increased performance but also these will suffer a lot less from corrosion.

Eibach’s flagship coilover are the Multi-Pro-R2 system, which utilise specially tuned spring/damper units that allow you to extract the last ounce of cornering power from your vehicle. The coilover design lets you precisely tune the corner weights for optimum handling balance and the wide range of damping adjustability lets you tune the coilover for comfort or ultimate grip.

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer


GAZ produce a wide range of coilovers for the most popular modern and classic applications. The components that GAZ use to manufacture their coilovers are made right here in the UK too.

GAZ height adjustable kits, or the GHA range, are primarily made for the modified road car market. The units feature a shortened body and stroke lengths to allow a drop of between 25-60mm. To minimise corrosion, the units are zinc plated, which is perfect for the UK’s temperamental weather and cold winters.

If you’re after something a bit more serious then it’ll be a set of GAZ Golds, which are their premium range of suspension kits, designed for the serious track day enthusiast. Adjustments are simple with the knobs found on the side of the units adjusting bump and rebound. GAZ Golds are often found on race cars too as they’re fitted with a gas cell in the outer reservoir and filled with a high viscosity index multi grade oil to prevent cavitation.

Warranty: 2 years


One of the first names associated with performance suspension is H&R who provide suspension kits for a vast array of different makes and models.

Let’s start by taking a look at their entry level kit – the Street Performance range. These offer the perfect solution for daily drivers to serious tuners who appreciate handling and ride comfort. Each shock is custom valved to work in conjunction with a precision-engineered progressive spring rate, creating a finely tuned system.

For those that are wanting to keep the weight down on their ride, then check out the Premium Performance range. H&R have made the front struts with ultra-lightweight aluminium that reduce unsprung weight by 30-40% over the OEM units.

If it’s suspension for your race car then you’ll be looking at the RSS+ range. They include mono-tube shock design for precise control and externally adjustable shock damping. Not only do these look the part as they’re clad in a hard-black anodized finish, but this also makes them corrosion resistant too.

Warranty: 2 years


HSD feature 3 types of coilovers in their range, for those that are after a sportier ride and adjustable height their entry level Dualtech range will provide a significant upgrade over OEM suspension. This coilover is aimed at the enthusiast who’s working on a budget, looking for good build quality and adjustability, without the need for ultimate performance.

If you’re after something a bit more performance orientated, then the Monopro range includes all the great features of the Dualtech, then takes everything up a notch with improved monotube damper technology and extra strength for advanced road and track use.

Finally, if you’re looking for something that will serve you well for competition use then the CS2 has been proven many times around the world. Each CS2 kit consists of 4 monotube coilovers, with 16-way damping adjustments which allows you to dial in the perfect setup for fast road use or track. Utilising a high oil capacity monotube damper design and precision valving, the CS2 gives incredible ride quality, performance and heat dissipation so you get consistent performance even when driving hard for prolong periods.

Warranty: 12 months


If you’re looking for a custom, tailor-made suspension setup then Intrax are the best in the business. Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-quality suspension technology with more than 40 years of intensive experience at the highest level of several motorsport disciplines. Intrax pride themselves on the fact that every setup that leaves their factory, is custom-built, which means you get the perfect suspension setup for what you’re using your vehicle for. Intrax are also an OEM supplier to various high-end sports car manufactures such as: Donkervoort, Radical and Bowler.

Warranty: Dependant on setup


Often a popular choice amongst those with European cars, KW offer the perfect suspension for every demand.

If you’re after a comfort-orientated ride whilst still looking to rid arch gap, then check out the Street Comfort range. It combines lowering within the vehicle specific adjustment range of 10 to 40mm with a damper that’s been engineered to provide maximum comfort.

For those demanding a bit more performance out of a KW coilover, then you’ll want a set of their different street damping variants. Available as Variants 1 to 4, each kit comes with added adjustability. Let’s take a look at the Variant 4 – these are supplied with 3-way damper adjustment which mean you can hone your setup exactly how you want it to perform.

It’s also worth mentioning KW’s trick piece of kit for sports cars with low ground clearance. It’s called HLS, which stands for Hydraulic Lift System. This is the perfect bit of technology for those who choose to run splitters and other low line kits that often suffer at the hands of speed bumps and kerbs. The HLS system means that you can safely negotiate these objects at the touch of a button. Dependant on your vehicle, you can lift either the front axle, or both, by up to 45mm!

Warranty: 2-year manufacturer


Often seen as a premium brand in the suspension world, MeisterR confess they’re not a big brand dealing in mass production, but a small technical suspension specialist with over 20 years’ experience of research, development and winning races.

You’ll find 3 types of coilovers in their range, firstly the ZetaCRD, which are designed for fast road and occasional track day use. Engineered to reduce body roll, provide compliant handling but without sacrificing ride comfort. Damping and ride height adjustability mean the ZetaCRD will provide full control over the vehicle suspension setting for the road or on track.

The next step up in the MeisterR range, is the GT1. Developed in collaboration with Black Art Design, this coilover uses advanced and precision CNC internal parts which are manufactured in their UK workshop. The GT1 is designed to be the best in precision engineering and suspension performance.

Looking for a race application, then the ClubRace coilovers are designed to maximise performance with high grip track day or race tyres. These coilovers are designed with stiffer springer rates, and in certain models, helper springs, in order to maximise performance. A sharper steering response, predictable handling, and on track performance are the main focus of the ClubRace coilovers.

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty


Nitron has been at the forefront of motorsport suspension technology since 1998. Their shocks are billet machined and hand built entirely in the UK. Each fully serviceable shock is customised to your specific spring and damping configuration requirements by their highly experienced team. There are 2 main coilover products in their range, the R1 and R3 system. The R1 system provides easy to use damping control and offers exceptional performance, reliability and value for both road and track use. If you’re looking for something a bit more serious, then the R3 system sets the standard for ultimate performance. The R3 is a proven race winner and lap record holder across a wide spectrum of international motorsport formulas.

Warranty: 12 months

Perfect for: Heavy track use, competitive motorsport


Often found on high performance and track developed vehicles, Ohlin have a wide range of coilovers in their range, each designed specifically for different disciplines.

If you’re looking for an upgrade in the suspension department for your road vehicle, then you’ll be looking at a set of road & track coilovers. These coilovers give a true racing experience, without losing comfort when commuting to and from work. Their unique dual flow valve technology allows you to quickly change the stiffness of the shock absorber depending on whether you’re at the racetrack or nipping to the shops.

Ohlins provide an abundance of different coilovers for motorsport use, all tailored to meet your needs dependant on discipline. With coilovers available for Group N rally classes, oval racing through to the Porsche Carrera GT3 Cup and Le Mans based dampers, you’d be hard pushed to find a discipline that they don’t cater for.

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty


With brand ambassadors like Ken Block and Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni, ST suspension mean business. There’s 3 coilovers in their range, the ST X, ST XA and ST XTA.

The entry point into the ST Suspension coilover world is the ST X, which provide height adjustability only which is perfect for those looking to get low without the need for ultimate performance. Typically, you can expect a drop of around 35 to 65mm depending on application.

The next step up is the ST XA, which offers more than just lowering. Adjustable dampers mean you can adapt the driving behaviour of your car extensively to suit between driving comfort and performance.

Finally, let’s take a look at their premium coilover, the ST XTA. Not only do they provide the same features as their other coilovers, but you get a wider range of height adjustability and adjustable top mounts too.

Warranty: 5 years


Tein are infamous in the import world when it comes to suspension upgrades.

One of the most popular coilover kits in their range is their entry level kits, Street Basis Z and Street Advance Z. With the Basis kit slightly more affordable due to ride height adjustability only, the Advance kit is still an incredibly affordable kit that also features damping force adjustment too.

For those of you that often frequent the track, then check out their Mono Racing coilovers. Based around the settings of the high-end model Super Racing coilovers, and on a wealth of data gained through participation in various motorsport, spring rates and damping force for Mono Racing are determined to be suitable for track driving. They also feature camber and caster adjustable pillow ball top mounts, making that perfect setup much more achievable.


If you’re after a more specialist application, then Tein have a wide range to suit your needs. For off-road vehicles to drift monsters to coilovers that have been used and developed in championships such as the WRC.

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer


It’s probably worth listing the cars that YSR don’t provide coilovers for rather than the ones they do! Yellow Speed Racing have an extensive range of coilovers for a wide variety of vehicles and have featured on many race winning vehicles.

The entry level Dynamic Pro Sport coilover is growing more and more popular everyday with enthusiasts and tuners alike as they’re perfect for daily driving whilst capable at a track day too. These coilovers feature 33-way adjustable dampening settings and full-length adjustment to meet every driver’s handling desires.

For those looking at a more serious setup for their track car then it’s worth taking a look at the Premium Competition coilover. These coilovers are mandatory in the Type R Trophy championship – proving that they’re up to task of coping with competitive motorsport rigours. Spring rates and shock valving are made for competition to make the vehicle more controlled and balanced.

For those needing the widest range of adjustability and external reservoirs to cope with the toughest of environments on track, YSR have the Advance Pro Plus Racing coilovers. This system allows rebound and compression damping to be adjusted separately, whilst the external reservoir provides extra oil capacity to dissipate heat which keeps the coilovers operating at peak performance for longer periods.

You’ll also find specialist applications in the YSR range too with everything from their Super Low range, which provides for drops of up to 130mm, to the Dynamic Pro Drift coilover and rally applications. There really is something in the Yellow Speed Racing range for everybody.

Warranty: 2-year limited (Dynamic Pro Sport)